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About Us - The Service We Are Offering

We are a well known company in the region of Berlin. Our strength lies to construct the shell of your building in the materials of concrete and brick work. We are putting in practice the already designed building of your architect with our nearly 100 employees. Our employees are all qualified and experienced in the profession of concrete worker and bricklayer. Our company is led by the owner. Therefore our family-company is a typical representative of the German Mittelstand. Our profession is our passion.

If you have already designed your building and the bill of quantities is already done, we can tell you a matching offer for your project.

If you are still planning to build something in our region, we can help to make the initial contact to a properly structural designer or architect for you.

Either way your point of contact is
Mr André Kasimir
landline +49(0)33056 /875-17
mobile +49(0)179-1206264

Please send meaningful data in advance.